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The classic game where you must determine the four digit secret code, similar to the popular game Mastermind.

Bull and cows is a traditional code breaker game, similar to the popular game Mastermind.

The object is to guess the four digit secret code. The secret code has the following properties:

1. The code contains only the digits 0 through 9.

2. All digits in the code are different (no two digits appear twice).

3. The code does not start with a 0.

To help you break the code, for each guess you will be told how many bulls and cows are present:

B1c0 A bull tells you that your guess has the correct digit in the correct location.

B0c1 A cow tells you that your guess has the correct digit, but it is in the wrong location.

B0c0 An X tells you that none of the digits you entered are in the code.

For example, if the code is 1570, and you guess 1098, you get 1 bull (for the digit 1, which is in the correct place), and 1 cow (for the digit 0, which is in the code, but in the wrong place).

When you have 4 bulls, you win the game.

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